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With a little help from / for my friends

Crowd Source Funding - As more crowd puts in, more crowd are paid out!

Pay-it-forward funding: Chronologic investments in others, to also invest in yourself! 
Pay it forward funding with crowdsource investing.


 It's not stocks, it's not bonds. It's community.
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Gold Coast Fidelity 'Four 100' Fund

Four 100

The Four 100 fund offers an extremely affordable, low risk entry into Gold Coast Fidelity crowdsource investing!

Gold Coast Fidelity 'Four 500' Fund

Four 500

The Four 500 fund offers a very affordable, low risk entry into Gold Coast Fidelity crowdsource investing!

Gold Coast Fidelity 'Four 5000' Fund

Four 5000

Enter the Gold Coast Fidelity Four 5000 fund setting up for a great success in crowdsource investing!

Gold Coast Fidelity 'Four 25000' Fund

Four 25000

The Four 25000 fund is the pinnacle opportunity in our Gold Coast Fidelity FOUR group crowdsource investing!

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Gold Coast Fidelity provides contributors the chance to fortify their own investments and pay it forward to others when they do! Based on the simple principal of crowdsource funding, Gold Coast Fidelity provides opportunities for some to double, triple, quadruple, even sextuple their contributions into the fund. While all investing includes a risk of loss, Gold Coast Fidelity provides the best opportunity to benefit from your own efforts.


For additional research and information, SEE HOW IT WORKS!

Sunset on the Beach


Ask us how a little help from your friends, goes a long way to help a lot more friends along the way as well.


Invest wisely. Invest within your means and invest knowing the risks involved. By contributing to Gold Coast Fidelity crowdsource funding, you agree to hold harmless Gold Coast Fidelity and any of its associates for any disputes that may arise. 

(C) Copyright 2021, Gold Coast Fidelity

Many financial gains may be considered as taxable income including but not limited to any activities within this website. Gold Coast Fidelity transactions will be reported accordingly. Tax advisors may be able to provide more details and information. Gold Coast Fidelity does not make recommendations, provide investment advice, or determine the suitability of any investment contribution for any particular person or entity. Gold Coast

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