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Planning Your Island Warriors Adventure

Step 1

Island Warrior[24].png

Apply Online

By clicking the button to join us, you enter your form to inform us of your interest. 

island warriors veterans health wellness

Step 2

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Upload DD214

You must upload your DD214 document to be included in Island Warrior Veterans Trips.

island warriors veterans health wellness

Step 3

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Once we collect the entries, we allocate spaces for the trip and hotel occupancies. 

island warriors veterans health wellness

Step 4

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We Book Your Trip

We will book everything needed for your get-away: Flights, Hotel, Excursions, Etc.

island warriors veterans health wellness
island warriors veterans health wellness

Planning your trip is so easy, it's almost as if we took care of everything! 

With so many applicants for the trip, we often have to simply accept applications as they come in and assign attendees as space is available. Applying for the Island Warriors excursion is an extremely simple process however, simply requiring a submission of the form below along with your DD214 documentation.


It all begins with an easy step by step process to apply:


1.    Apply today to join us as an Island Warrior! Simply provide the information requested and submit for review.


2.    Included in the application, you will be asked to upload your DD214 to verify Veteran status.

This proper upload is required.

Applications that do not include this upload will not be reviewed for application.


3.    We will notify our Island Warrior recipients of their acceptance into the program, by email. This email will then request passport information to begin the process of booking your arrangements.


4.    All booking arrangements will be provided for you and emailed for confirmations:

*  Flights – Roundtrip Airfare Provided to the Island Warrior Veteran

*  Shuttles – Roundtrip from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to Utila.

*  Ferry Service - Roundtrip from Le Ceiba, Honduras to Utila.

*  Hotel – Lodging in Utila Resort for 9 Nights

*  Food/Drink – 3 Meals + Snacks Every Day, 10 Days *

*  Activities of choice.

Apply Now:





Please advise of noteworthy Health Conditions / Medications to be aware of. (Enter N/A for none apply):



DD214 Form Required:

Select File (.PDF / .DOC)
Please tell us a little about yourself, and how Island Warriors can help you:


An error occurred. Please ensure all required fields are entered and correct file formatting applies. DD214 Must be Included or submission is invalid. Please allow proper upload time for large files. If errors continue, please try again later. 

Thank you for submitting your application to Island Warriors. A representative will be in contact upon completion of your application review. 


PLEASE NOTE: We welcome you to apply for ISland warriors retreats but please know that ALL SCHEDULING IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD UNTIL 2021 DUE TO COVID19 MANDATES. You are still welcomed to apply.

island warriors veterans health wellness

Once you are on your way:

So if you are headed to Utila to meet up with fellow Veterans for fun in the sun and the surf, prepare for a great time!!

Your Departure and Return:

•    Island Warriors will fly you from your nearest hometown airport to the applicable US international departure hub.

•    From from the US hub, you will fly to San Pedro Sula, Honduras (approx.. 3 hr flights), to be met by Island Warrior staff, to escort you to Utila.

•    From San Pedro Sula, we will travel by land shuttle to Le Ceiba, Honduras  (approx.. 3 hr drive).

•    From Le Ceiba, we will ferry into the Caribbean ocean, for a short water crossing to the Island of Utila (approx. 45 min).

•    Once in Utila, we will shuttle to the hotel and check you in for your stay!

What's Next!?

When arriving in Utila you can expect fun, sun, relief, relaxation and a great tropical retreat like no other.


For the duration of the 10 days, Island Warriors will have a schedule available for your stay with all activities and contact personnel involved with each activity for which you have applied. Please contact us for any other questions you may have.


Things to consider for your trip to the tropics:


Beach Attire.


No weapons allowed.

Comfortable clothes.

Flip Flops.

Comfortable walking shoes.

No more than $500 USD will be needed for any of your own personal interests.

Passport is required for travel to Honduras.

Details Subject to Change.

  • We always advise you stay with your fellow Island Warrior guests while on the island, but if you should like to branch off on your own, we adamatley request that you inform us of your plans and your contact information. For group departures, we also like to include an Island Warrior guest not as a chaperone, but more so as a resource to make sure everyone is safe and having fun! 

island warriors veterans health wellness
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