Written by: Brian Bayley/Brit Stokes

(C) 2009 Copyright Middle C Stuff (ASCAP)


Vocals: Brit Stokes

All Guitar: Glen Mitchell

Ganjo: Glen Mitchell

Bass: Rod "Rodeo" Allen

Drums: Brian Bayley

Recorded, Edited & Produced by:

Brian Bayley at Serenity Hill Studios, Nashville, TN


Mixed by: Niko Bolas at The Village Recorders, Los Angeles, CA


Mastered by: Richard Dodd at Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN


Photo: Courtesy Petty's Garage

Pictured L-R: Richard Petty, Lee Petty,

Kyle Petty, Adam Petty

Lyrics Below:

"Family Business" - Louder House Project

Family Business                                                                            Written by Brian Bayley / Brit Stokes                                                                                               

© Copyright 2009 Middle C Stuff (ASCAP)

Family domination of an ever-growing sport

Swept across the nation, with the pedal to the floor

Winning Daytona, Lee Petty set the pace

Back in forty-nine, left em all behind, as he paved the way

For another southern boy, that was born for speed

A future superstar didn’t fall too far, from the family tree

With that Carolina smile, takin’ checkered every week.

With his HEMI running strong, it didn’t long, ‘fore they called him

The King


     So when we’re blowin by on the outside, don’t forget this

     it’s just the family business


With the number forty-four, Kyle Petty took the torch

Of the family tradition he carried on the mission, of a driving force

To a fourth generation, that was comin on fast

Never followed in their footsteps, no, no, no, he followed in their tracks.


     So when we’re blowin by on the outside, don’t forget this,

     It’s just the family business


          They came, they saw, they were the first in line

          From kickin up dust in the beginning of time

          To concrete tracks of today’s competition

          They're in it to win it… It’s just the family business