Make Money on Fast Forward Music!

Take any song from Fast Forward and license it to make yourself some extra money. You earn 10% commission on any sales you make for us. Do you know anyone in racing? Do you know anyone in advertising? Do you know anyone in marketing? Do you know anyone in parts and equipment manufacturing? Dealer sales? Do you know any corporate sponsors? Do you know anyone in music? Movies? TV? Radio? Commercials? Jingles?

Answer yes, and the possibilities are endless.


The point is, music and corporate branding are becoming one in the same; sports teams, tour promotions, TV commercials, etc. Fast Forward music helps provide a unique sensory identification putting a brand ahead of their competitors for added sales (or vice versa). You now have the music to do exactly that. When you can uncover any creative commercial use of Fast Forward music, you have an opportunity to earn cash.


Should you have an opportunity to sell Fast Forward music, consider yourself a commissioned sales liaison in the negotiations and we will send you a check based on the license we establish with your client. Take advantage of your own connections and put the money in your own pocket. Any sales of licensing and commercial use of Fast Forward music, provides a direct payout for you. Contact us for more details or just let us know when ya have a sale!! If you need any helpful hints or ideas how to sell this music, just contact us and we'll make it happen for you. The easy sell however, is that the company that brands with Fast Forward music  sells more. And if they don't, their competitor will. For starters though, THIS is how you put your Fast Forward racing and motor-sports theme songs (and instrumentals) to use:


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