Fast Forward is a compilation CD of racing theme songs and more. The album includes a song about NASCAR, and just as it's cohort of driving fast and turning left, includes an Indy racing song too. It includes Drag Racing, Motocross & Tractor Pull songs. The album spins "Tricked My Truck" for the truckers out there gettin' down the road. Also in the lineup is a fun boating song for everyone that loves a good party on the waves while "Boating in the Sunshine." You'll find a couple songs written about NASCAR legend Richard Petty and wrapping it all up, a couple fun songs racing and 4x4 fans are sure to enjoy, with “Wheels” and “Straight-Up, Redneck.”


Available for retail, wholesale and licensing sales, Fast Forward tunes provide the ultimate theme songs for commercial licensing and industry branding, as well as just a cool CD full of songs written specifically to the vibe of each racing sport and motor-driven activity. Each song is a different style of music, with varying musicians and singers, written to match the inspiration of each sport. Fast Forward songs are written, performed and produced for racing fans, truckers, pullers, boating enthusiasts as well as industry professionals, racing teams and crew, manufacturers, dealers, retailers and their racing friends, family and co workers. For music fans just diggin' some good ole' rock n roll, country, southern rock and whatever style the track listing happens to provide at the moment, fire up some Fast Forward and keep it movin' ahead! Check it out; a playlist of theme songs ranging from the most redneck of country music to the heaviest of metal music. Purchase Fast Forward and begin enjoying racing songs & more today!!





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